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The prospect of foundation repair can be confusing for the homeowner but we will make it easier for you to understand. We know that the homeowner can receive volumes of conflicting advice and recommendations about how to repair a concrete slab foundation. However, there are really just 4 BIG questions for the homeowner to answer and we can help you with all 4 of them, including foundation repair costs. But first, let’s explain why you are having foundation problems.

The Reason for Concrete Slab Foundation Problems in Plano

Interior Sheetrock Crack

Interior Sheetrock Crack

The reason homeowners in much of Texas and other parts of the United States are having foundation problems is two-fold.  First, the soils in this part of the country have a high percentage of clay, which has the unique ability to absorb water like a sponge. When clay soils are wet they swell in volume. When clay soils are dry they shrink in volume. So during the course of a year and the clay soils are shrinking and swelling multiple times, sometimes as much as 8 vertical inches. This soil movement can crack and break concrete slab foundations. Second, most concrete slab foundations that are built in Texas are “minimally functional.”  In other words, most builders use a minimum of steel rebar and concrete in the construction of the foundation to boost their profits. The result is that most homeowners in Plano can expect foundation problems when their houses are 12 to 15 years of age. Other cities and areas of  Texas can experience foundation problems from 1 year to 35 years.

The 4 BIG Foundation Repair Questions for Homeowners

Bell Bottom Pier cutting tool

Bell Bottom Pier cutting tool

1) Do the Warning Signs of Foundation Damage mean I need to repair my foundation?  Maybe. In most cases the structural integrity of the home is NOT threatened. Rather, the homeowner must deal with unattractive, cosmetic damage resulting from cracked foundations. However, these situations never get better and they usually get worse.

2) What is the best method of Foundation Repairs in Plano? This question is easy to answer – it is the Bell Bottom Pier method. Unlike the cheaper methods, Bell Bottom Piers are PERMANENT, proven, and time-tested.  Please check our page that compares the most common foundation repair and home leveling methods.

foundation-repair-33) What does Foundation Repair Cost? This is also an easy question to answer after your home has been inspected. We offer FREE estimates and foundation inspections in most cases.  Our page on the cost of foundation repair will give you an accurate guideline.

4) Which Foundation Contractor should I choose? We have a list of questions for your contractor. If he doesn’t pass the test then say “no thanks.” Keeping asking questions until you find a contractor that passes your test. Visit our “Compare Contractors” page.

Our staff of experienced contractors is committed to provide you the highest quality foundation support and house leveling. We only install Bell Bottom Piers because they are Permanent, proven, and time-tested. Bell Bottom Piers cost more but your home is worth it.


Warning Signs of Foundation Damage?

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