Proven – What do you Mean?

If you read the definition of proven in a dictionary you will find the following:

to show the existence, truth, or correctness of (something) by using evidence, logic, etc.

When we say that the Bell Bottom Pier method is proven we are saying that all of our claims about this method of foundation repair are the truth and correct. And we have used both evidence and logic to justify our claims. So perhaps we should review our claims about the Bell Bottom Pier method of foundation repair in Plano.

Our Claims

Bell Bottom Piers are PERMANENT
Bell Bottom Piers are Time-Tested
Bell Bottom Piers are Proven

Are Bell Bottom Piers PERMANENT?

Yes. The first drilled pier constructed for use in supporting a foundation in Texas was drilled in 1916 by an engineer named Willard Simpson. He later modified his drilled pier by reaming out the bottom of the drilled piers to give it a bigger “foot” or support area. Since this reamed-out area resembled a bell in shape and was at the bottom of the pier it was named a “bell bottom” pier. This development allowed contractors to build larger and heavier buildings in the unstable clay soils of Plano. Without these bell bottom piers the buildings would have suffered serious damage from the constant expansion and contraction of the clay soils underneath.

Are Bell Bottom Piers Time-Tested?
Yes. 98 years and counting.

Are Bell Bottom Piers Proven?
Yes. 98 years of experience is excellent evidence to prove that a specific construction method works. The concrete support columns for bridges and highways are drilled piers.

In addition, numerous structural engineers have written about drilled piers/bell bottom piers vs. other cheaper and faster foundation repair methods. All of them have either written about the clear superiority of Bell Bottom Piers and / or raised serious concerns about other cheaper and faster repair methods.

If you want a PERMANENT foundation repair job that is time-tested and proven then there is only one method to consider – Bell Bottom Piers. Remember, you get what you pay for, and that includes foundation repair in Plano.

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