What is the difference between a $250 pressed piling and a $550 Bell Bottom Pier?

The footprint of a Bell Bottom Pier compared to a pushed pile.
Compare Footprint Size – Larger equals more Stability, Weigh-Bearing Capacity, and Resistance to Uplift


A lot.

1) Solid one piece construction – This is a superior construction method vs. a series of individual concrete cylinders stacked one on top of another. A solid concrete Bell Bottom Pier will resist all of the various forces of soil movement found in Plano. The bell bottom (foot) is 22 inches in diameter and give the pier significantly greater support in stable soil. The bell bottom also allows the pier to resist the soil forces of uplift and it supports the foundation during dry weather when the soil shrinks in volume.


2) Large, solid base (foot) that can support heavier loads. Bell Bottom Piers have 4 times the load capacity than other pressed piling methods. So if you want to buy a piano or purchase a home workout gym you can do so without worrying about causing the foundation repair job to fail.

The various pressed pile methods can not, by definition, support any weight greater than the weight of the house and its contents at the time of the repair. The reason for this is because it is the weight of the home that was used by the hydraulic equipment to drive the individual piles into the ground. Any significant additional weight in the house could force the pilings to sink below the level of support.

3) Steel Reinforcement – Builders and contractors all know that steel rebar will give concrete additional strength. That is why most home concrete foundations built in the past in Plano were strengthened with steel rebar. That is why we add steel rebar to our Bell Bottom Piers.

4) Skill and Experience – It requires skill and experience to excavate a 10 to 15 foot cavity. It must have the proper dimensions, depth, and angle.

5) Certainty – Before the concrete is poured into the Bell Bottom cavity it can be examined for the proper dimensions, depth, and angle. (other repair methods rely on hope, not certainty, because there is no method to confirm proper installation)

Of course, there are other considerations when considering a foundation contractor. How many years of experience does the company have with foundation repair in Plano? What is their reputation with various sources such as the BBB and online testimonials? Do they have adequate insurance to protect their workers? Do they offer a lifetime warranty for their work? All of these questions and answers are important because a failed foundation repair job results in a total loss for the homeowner.  Click here for more details.

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