Foundation Repair Cost

What is the Cost of Foundation Repair ?

Almost every foundation repair company in Plano and throughout the state of Texas utilizes the “Pressed Piling” method of foundation repair (or some similar version). The reason is because this method is 2 or 3 times more profitable for the foundation repair contractor. The downside is that the homeowner receives a repair method that is riddled with drawbacks and disadvantages. Let us be very clear – profits are driving the repair contractor’s decision on which repair method to use – not the quality of the repair job.

Below are some hard numbers regarding the foundation repair costs based on the repair method used. Please keep in mind that there are many variables such as the size of the house, the scope of the repair work, and the specific method of repair. The simple conclusion is that the lowest cost methods are also the lowest quality and have a host of disadvantages.  The highest quality repair method, Bell Bottom Piers, is the most costly because it requires more labor, more time, more concrete, and more steel rebar.

Bell Bottom Piers

$304 cost per pier in materials and labor

$500 – $700 Selling Price per pier

Pressed Pilings

$103 cost per pile in materials and labor

$150 – $400 Selling Price per piling

Pressed Pilings with Insert

$109 cost per pile in materials and labor

$375 – $700 Selling Price per piling

Small Foundation Repair Job = 7 to 15 piers/pilings
Medium Foundation Repair Job = 16 to 25 piers/pilings
Large Foundation Repair Job = 26 to 30 or more piers/pilings

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