Post-Tension Concrete Slab Foundations

We want the home buyers and homeowners of Plano to understand some of the construction aspects of their homes. We have been very critical of most home builders in Texas because they build residential concrete foundations that we consider minimally functional. Most of these foundations use steel rebar to reinforce the concrete slab with the […]

What is the difference between a $250 pressed piling and a $550 Bell Bottom Pier?

  A lot. 1) Solid one piece construction – This is a superior construction method vs. a series of individual concrete cylinders stacked one on top of another. A solid concrete Bell Bottom Pier will resist all of the various forces of soil movement found in Plano. The bell bottom (foot) is 22 inches in […]

Proven – What do you Mean?

If you read the definition of proven in a dictionary you will find the following: to show the existence, truth, or correctness of (something) by using evidence, logic, etc. When we say that the Bell Bottom Pier method is proven we are saying that all of our claims about this method of foundation repair are […]

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